Photo by  Scott London

Photo by Scott London

A punk-rock dance psychodrama.
— San Francisco Examiner



Anastazia Louise, founder and artistic director of performance art ensemble Bad Unkl Sista, offers a personally developed approach to choreography, costuming, and visual expression that fuses a lifetime of performance experience distilled from a vast array of teachers and collaborators. She was introduced to Butoh through Diego Piñón (Butoh Ritual Mexicano) in 2002, and his teachings remain an ongoing influence and inspiration for her performance work. Other primary influences include Hiroko and Koichi Tamano, Sankai Juku, Katsura Kan and Vangeline.

Anastazia founded Bad Unkl Sista in 2002, and has since produced hundreds of performances for local, regional and international promoters and festivals. All work by Bad Unkl Sista is infused with a sense of awe and living wonder, containing elements of surprise for the audience as well as the dancers. There are moments choreographed into every performance where each dancer—at different times—is metaphorically pushed to the edge of a cliff and asked to jump off. The direction of the performance from there is an unknown for all.

Every performance happens only once, compelling the dancers and the audience to share in the moment, together. This gives life to the dancers and the audience, and together we reach a level of trust and vulnerability that is rarely experienced in our day-to-day social interactions.

Anastazia continues to evolve her characteristically unique fusion of performance and costuming, foregrounding the pathways of transcribing and uniting outer and inner landscapes into a physical expression to reach witnesses on a personal level. And in 2014, she founded Stillness Studies Institute, a non-profit committed to teaching the use of physical and psychological stillness as catalysts for creative, personal, and interpersonal development. This includes classes, workshops, performances, as well as research at the intersection of neuroscience and stillness.

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