An ill-bent mix of industrial apocalyptic hip-hop topple the foundations of modern-day Babylon...prescriptions for survival and victory in a tension-filled time.
— Westword
A new collaborative music project that pushes the boundaries of human experience.
— Reality Sandwich
Resurrector...provided a veritable séance in deep dubby beat-science...This was a spiritualized journey that burrowed many thousands of leagues beneath the Earth’s surface, penetrating the consciousness of all who had assembled.


Liberating Sonic Conduction

Grant Chambers (aka Resurrector) is an electronic music producer best known as founder of dub-hop band Heavyweight Dub Champion and the Liberation Movement project. He is the co-producer of both Heavyweight Dub Champion studio albums and is the main creator of the band's philosophical ideology defined by the Last Champion Manifesto.

With Heavyweight Dub Champion, Chambers has produced two albums – Survival Guide For The End of Time (2002) and Rise of the Champion Nation (2009) – and has performed throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. The band's credo, Last Champion Manifesto, a is a 70-page document steeped in allegory; penned hours after the dawn of this millennium, its central themes relate to becoming a Warrior, leading to a philosophical and spiritual revival, and a genuine awakening of the human spirit.

Resurrector also works with spiritual teachers from indigenous traditions, including the Shipibo tribe of the Peruvian Amazon. In 2010, he went to Peru to learn about how music and vibration are connected to shamanism, a journey that led to him recording more than 25 indigenous singers for the album Onáyabaon Bewá – Messages from Mother Earth by Shamans of the Temple of the Way of Light. Maestra Olivia Arévalo Lomas, often heralded as the leader and "spiritual mother" of the Amazonian Shipibo-konibo community, performed with Liberation Movement and her living memory is cherished in this recording. In 2014, Liberation Movement collaborated on a concert with Peruvian-based NGO Alianza Arkana, performing for 600 indigenous Peruvians alongside two indigenous shamans and Sensacìon Shipibo, a local Cumbia orchestra. The event was described as a progressive leap forward, bringing together cultures in a productive and creative light and working together for a common purpose – the preservation of the rainforest, its people and traditions.

Liberation Movement has received many accolades for its live performances and they have performed at festivals throughout the Americas including Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, Sonic Bloom, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Envision (Costa Rica), Atmosphere Gathering (Canada) and many others. Liberation Movement live performances often feature a wide variety of collaborators and guests from varied genres including Peruvian shamans, champion Tuvan throat singer Soriah, Butoh dance troupe Bad Unkl Sista, SORNE and many others.

Resurrector focuses on ideological perspectives in many of his interviews on behalf of his projects, speaking of music as Sonic Shamanistic Alchemy and referring to the members of Heavyweight Dub Champion as Sonic Shamanistic Alchemists. By taking a range of vibrational materials, from tribal instruments to electronic instruments, and manipulating them through analog and digital devices to try to unlock the personality of each item, his ensembles discover particular vibrations intended to contribute to a spectrum of liberating revolutionary energy – with the intention of changing the chemistry of the planet and leading to unconditional liberation of the human race.

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