Totally breathtaking. Soriah conjures up a haunting sonic otherworld, drifting, dreamy, menacing and malefic, a rumbling, whirring dark ambient dronescape, thick with natural timbre and dense with subtle overtones.
— Aquarius Records
The Tuvan throat singing phenomenon that is Soriah will take you to that holy place whenever you lend an ear to his music.
— David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets)


Vocalized Ritual Soundscapes

Soriah is the stage persona of Enrique Ugalde, a performance artist and instrumentalist who has trained for decades in the art of Tuvan throat singing.

Birthed in one of the most historically isolated locations on the planet, Tuvan throat singing is a musical sound like no other. Mysterious, primordial and awash in a deeply visceral drone, it invokes the full range of the natural world – from steadfast mountain roots to the whistle of birds in flight.

Soriah’s music synthesizes traditional Tuvan throat singing, pre-Columbian Mexica sounds, classical Indian raga and various Western styles – a stunning musicality spanning continents. He plays traditional Tuvan instruments, incorporates Japanese Butoh and infuses his performances with costumes and rituals from around the world. Soriah’s lyrics are often written in Nahuatl (Aztec) or Tuvan and showcase his themes of mindfulness and exaltation in the infinite essence each sound holds.

Whether entirely traditional or a contemporary fusion of notes, instruments, movement and meditation, Soriah’s offerings convey his reverence for the mystery of existence.

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